GIF: Roger Goodell’s Reaction To Seahawks-Packers Fiasco

The replacement refs screwed the Packers over last night (you might have heard about this one). People assume that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners will now be forced to give in to the Referees Association. I think the […]

“Must-See” Storyline Games for the 2010 NFL Season

Although the final seconds ticked off the clock of Super Bowl XLIV over two months ago, there has hardly been a moment to rest and take a breather from news in the National Football League.  The Saints’ triumphant victory was […]

2010 NFL Season Divisional Predictions — Pre-April/Pre-Draft Version

As part of my coverage of the National Football League here at The Sports Geeks, I will be making predictions at different times during the offseason as to who I think will end up on top of the eight divisions […]

Tweets of the Week: Michael Vick Edition

In recent weeks Mike Vick has found himself back in the news again, after his release from federal custody and subsequent meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  It’s a controversial issue. Sunday night, I posed the question to our twitter […]

Vick Doesn’t Deserve a Second Chance, but Give it to Him Anyway

This week after we checked the list of correctional facilities, former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is back in the news, after being released from prison to serve out the remainder of his dog fighting sentence at his home in Virginia. […]