16-Team College Football Playoff Bracket


I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of a real college football playoff. The four-team system in place now is a step in the right direction, but I’d like to see it expanded to a month-long, 16-team playoff.

The bracket below shows my vision for a 16-team playoff for this season, built out as follows:

  • 16 Teams – 10 conference champions, 6 at-large bids
  • Seeding – Teams are seeded based on their College Football Playoff committee ranking. If they’re not in that Top 25, AP ranking was used (Appalachian State was outside of that completely, so I put them last).
  • Game Locations – The higher-seeded teams host their first round game (which would be awesome for fans). After that, the quarter-finals and semis take the place of the bowl games that are in the the rotation for the current CFP semis (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, Fiesta, and Peach).

16-Team College Football Playoff Bracket for 2016-2017

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One thought on “16-Team College Football Playoff Bracket

  1. I like it. I’ve been doing 1 for a few years now. I seed mine differently. The top 5 seeds are the P5 champs, in CFP ranking order. Then the rest of the teams by rank. I also put a teams per conference limit of 3.

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