NBA Half-way Update

The NBA season seemed like it just started yesterday, but All Star weekend has already come and gone. I’m taking a look back and my preseason contender predictions and see how those fare at the midway point.

For Your Entertainment: NBA Finals Bingo – Game One

Play along as you watch Game 1. Featuring Khloe Kardashian, knee fluid, Larry Bird, and dunks by white guys.

L.A. vs Boston, Part 2

Before the Lakers and Celtics square off, I’m breaking the teams down and telling you what I would do if I were in charge of each team. Phil and Doc better update their resumes.

Rundown of This Weekend’s NBA Action

We had some pretty exciting basketball this weekend; 2 games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Friday Celtics 96,┬áMagic 117 – Even without the services of Rafer Alston, Dwight Howard(14 pts, 17 reb) and company took care of business against Boston. […]

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