The Bummer of 2010


NBA analysis seems to consist of relating every move to the Summer of 2010, dreaming of players for teams to get during the Summer of 2010, or just talking about the Summer of 2010 for no other reason. The Summer of 2010 probably has a player card on “The Knicks are smart to pick up those contracts that will expire in the Summer of 2010 so they can make a run at LeBron James.” “That’s a great trade for the Pistons, clearing that cap space aimed at Dwyane Wade in the Summer of 2010.”

Well I say PHOOEY. Here’s why we’re in for a big, massive, giant, huge BUMMER of 2010:

1. Now. Fans have enough reasons to not buy tickets to NBA games. The owner of your lackluster NBA franchise spent the whole of 2008 telling your fans, “Hey, just wait ’til 2010 when we get LeBron James!” Now he’s telling ticketholders, “Renew! Just one more year ’til we get LeBron James!” This time, however, the front page of your newspaper is filled every day with stories about how we’re in the greatest economic trouble since the Ice Age. Are you really going to find 75 spare bucks for a trip for 2 to watch your team of expiring contracts get run off the court? Bummer.

2. Math. Here’s the list of in-their-prime franchise-level players who will be available. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Yao Ming, and Dirk Nowitzki. Yao Ming has career-threatening injuries and can’t be called a cornerstone player at this point. That leaves 4. There’s a whole lot of teams claiming they’re saving up to grab a superstar in 2010, but most will end up with a declining former superstar or a player whose entourage includes Dr. James Andrews.

For example, Paul Pierce will be free next summer and at first you might think, “Great! Even if my team doesn’t get LeBron, perhaps we can get Paul Pierce!” Now remember, by the time the Bummer of 2010 has come, your team will have wasted 2 years trading away assets and acquiring subpar talent with expiring contracts. Playing for a championship? Worth it. Sneaking into the playoffs with a team that has no talent except a declining Paul Pierce? Bummer.

3. Loyalty. Did you know that LeBron James built a mansion, complete with a casino and a 10 foot tall granite sculpture of his own head? That he tears up when he watches a documentary about his high school days? That he once fired his agent and hired his high school teammates? That he felt had a “nomadic” high school experience? That him and Shaq are going to have dance parties?

Still convinced he’s definitely leaving?¬†(How is he going to move his sculpture?)

If LeBron stays with the Shaqaliers, that leaves Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Dirk Nowitzki. Last I counted, there are significantly more than 3 teams claiming they’re saving up for the superstars available in 2010.¬†Bummer.

4. Owners. Your owner is cheap now. Why will he suddenly decide to make a splash in 2010? Remembering your owner is stingy: Bummer.

“The Summer of 2010” has been the explanation for all kinds of crazy trades, but now you’re ready to cut through the crap. Bummer.

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