For Your Entertainment: NBA Finals Bingo – Game One


The 2010 NBA Finals tip off tonight featuring a rematch of the ’08 series. As with any NBA matchup, there are plenty of storylines and interesting characters on both teams. To help you enjoy the game even more, we’ve created NBA Finals Bingo. The rules are pretty much self-explanatory. Be sure and hit us up on Twitter as you’re watching the game and marking your boards. We’ll probably do at least one more of these (or maybe more if you beg) for your bingo-ing pleasure later in the series, so leave your ideas for version 2 in the comments or via the aforementioned Twitter. Putting a Free Space in the middle would be too easy, so I went with a Jack Nicholson sighting, which is pretty much a gimme anyway.Also, if you don’t get the Rasheed reference, click here and watch this.

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