Interview with Emmet Bentley, the guy who got a tattoo of the Bavetta-Barkley kiss

On Thursday night, the TNT Inside the NBA crew was embarrassing Charles Barkley by showing this old shot of Barkley kissing referee Dick Bavetta after their footrace several years ago. New analyst Shaquille O’Neal chimed in as they were heading […]

LeBron in the Dunk Contest?

During All-Star 2009, LeBron threatened to “clean up” the Dunk Contest. He hinted that if the rules were tightened up and he talked some fellow superstars into it, he’d participate. Here’s the thing: sure, LeBron can jump high. REALLY high. […]

Aq’s FAQs 3: Shaq to Cleveland?

A huge, monumental, incredible trade occurred last week. Shaquille O’Neal was purchased for the low, low price of expiring contracts. What are the ramifications, you ask? That’s why I’m here. Some of fans’ burning questions about the Shaq-to-Cleveland trade. Q: How will Mike […]

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