Infographic: 2012 NFL Week Ten

We’ll be doing some even better stuff with this in the coming weeks, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter or Facebook to get updates. Instead of doing power rankings this year, we’ve decided to take a new approach to breaking down the […]

Half-Assed : A Viking Story

The Minnesota Vikings are off to a bad 0-3 start but what’s more troubling is the fact that they’ve dominated teams in the first half of each of the three games before blowing the lead (and their dignity) in the second half. Is this a trend that Vikings fans will have to suffer through for several weeks? Are the Vikings headed for another mid-season coaching change? These questions, among others, are examined from the eyes of a depressed Minnesotan.

2010 NFL Power Rankings – Preseason

Football season is right around the corner, and we are more than ready. Brian, Pat, and I (Alex), have decided to release power rankings for each week of the NFL season, as a means of stimulating discussion and keeping track […]

The Point of Fantasy Football

Dear Fantasy Players, There is one and only one key to fantasy sports success. It is more important than research, drafting, and setting your lineup. Your chance of winning a small 10 team league is 10%. Your chance of someone […]

Why Brett Favre Needs to Come to Minnesota

If you’ve watched any SportsCenter or read a newspaper over the past few weeks, you have surely heard about the ongoing saga that is Brett Favre and his retirement status.  After 16 illustrious seasons at the helm of the Green […]