Infographic: A Complete History of No-Hitters

This baseball season has been marked by frequent no-hitters. In lieu of writing a 2000-word post on no-hitters, I’ve decided to take a more graphical approach, so here’s a timeline of all the no-hitters in pro baseball history with some stats and interesting facts.

4 Reason’s Why Armando Galarraga Should Be Awarded a Perfect Game

Bud Selig, the backboneless, indecisive commissioner of Major League Baseball should change the call in Wednesday night’s near perfect game, and here’s why: 1) The call is obvious. There’s no doubt. The runner (Jason Donald) thought he was out. 2) Outcome […]

The World Series of Wage Supremacy

Before the 2009 Major League playoffs officially started, I was listening to ESPN Radio and Bud Selig was being interviewed on the Mike and Mike in the Morning show about the season and the upcoming post-season action.  At one point he […]

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