Flopulation Control

I hate flopping. I’m onboard with TrueHoop’s quest to Stop The Flop. I’m a “zealot”. Flopping ruins games. But if I were king of the world, NBA, the TrueHoop network, and the @HoopIdea feed—and why aren’t I?—my benevolent dictatorship would unfold […]

NBA Playoffs: Western Semis Preview

Follow along with all of your picks at NBABracketology.com. See how your bracket stacks up against Matt and Pat. See our Eastern Conference Previews here. Now on to the West: Clippers at Spurs Matt: The Spurs should easily take this Western conference matchup. The […]

NBA Half-way Update

The NBA season seemed like it just started yesterday, but All Star weekend has already come and gone. I’m taking a look back and my preseason contender predictions and see how those fare at the midway point.

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