The Sports Geeks Podcast – NFL Week 13

Alex and Pat discuss the emergence of Peyton Hillis, MVP frontrunners and the Johnson-Finnegan fight while making their picks for this week’s slate of games. Drop us a line on Twitter, or email If you use iTunes, click here and subscribe. Picks […]

Canseco vs. Hogan: A Photo Essay

Last night I had the opportunity (I almost called it a privilege, but that wouldn’t be true) to be at a minor league baseball game in Little Rock, Arkansas where MLB-MVP-turned-laughingstock Jose Canseco would continue his boxing “career” against Gary Hogan, a 60-year old assistant athletic director from a local university.

2010 NBA Finals: The Ron Artest Story

Ron Artest has had an almost inconceivably up-and-down NBA career. He’s dealt with circumstances – most notably the famous brawl in Michigan – that could have ended his career, but still supplied us with plenty of entertaining moments. After coming to Los Angeles via […]