Stan Van Gundy’s great quotes on trade rumors and weathermen


Earlier, I tweeted a quote from this Stan Van Gundy rant. There were a few more great quotes in there that were too long for Twitter, starting with this one about trade rumors:

“It doesn’t matter to anyone that 99% of all the trade rumors in pro sports are wrong. I said to somebody the other day, in my business, if I lost 99% of the time I wouldn’t last very long, but the guys who write these things can be wrong 99% percent of the time and they still got a job, so that’s a great profession right there. You never have to be right, you just have to throw some bullshit out there and people will say you’re good at your job and just say you’ve got a source. Your source, by the way, could be the guy at the deli counter at Publix, okay, but you heard from a source, throw it in there and you got it.”

And finally, a moment later he’s asked how that compares to weathermen:

“The weathermen are different, because you can just throw out the 50% chance of rain. I got that. So what you mean is it’s either going to rain or it’s not. Is there another choice? That’s a good job too. I like those jobs where you never have to be right, you’re never accountable for anything and you get paid.”

Great stuff as always from SVG.


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