First Round Diary

With round one of the 2013 NBA playoffs in the books, we take a look back at the big moments and story lines from the past series and speculate on what is to come. team sites remove player references (w/ before & after shots)

UPDATE (3:15 EST) – Added Suns, Mavs, Bobcats & Heat. Late last night, I posted about the changes made to the home page as soon as the lockout started. Now, the teams are following suit, removing player photos from […]

Brunch: Reheat Round 1/Recipe for Round 2

“We’re just finishing our breakfast, honestly…we’re not looking ahead.” “It was good! Now we’re preparing for lunch.” “A very big lunch–it won’t be just a salad.” -LeBron James during and after Round 1, on the Sixers and Celtics. Reheat Round 1 […]