Thoughts on Bulls-Celtics Game 6


If you didn’t see the Bulls-Celtics game Thursday night or highlights off it : 1. You must live in a cave, 2. Go here right now and come back when you’re done. Here are a few observations:

When did Rondo become such a punk? In game 5 he decided to slap Brad Miller in the face (Miller later proved in game 6, that he could make the exact same shot as long as he wasn’t getting his eye poked out, and that he could make clutch free throws if blood wasn’t pouring from his nose). Rondo continued his violence in game 6 by throwing Kirk Hinrich into the scorer’s table. He needs to chill out or he’s going to get himself in trouble.

Another crucial play was the Joakim Noah got a steal and victimized Paul Pierce on the other end. What was Pierce thinking? First, a bad pass attempt. Second, you’ve got 5 fouls, do you really want to be sitting on the bench with 35 seconds left? And, Third, if you’re going to foul him, make sure you knock the ball alway so the sequence doesn’t become immortalized in .gif fashion and placed in the forum signatures of Bulls’ fans everywhere.

Its been a great series, and for someone like me, who didn’t grow up watching the NBA, game 6 may have been the most exciting game I’ve ever watched.  I’d like to see these teams make a deep playoff run, but a 7 game series with OTs galore is going to take its toll. Pierce and Rondo played 51 and 58 minutes last night, respectively, and the Bulls’ Rose and Salmons had 59 and 60. In the next round, they’ll face an Orlando team that played no overtime in their series against Philly, and Dwight Howard, who sat out their series clinching victory, so I think its safe to say Orlando will have an advantage moving on.

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