Usain Bolt Stops Interview to Stand in Silence During USA National Anthem


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I stumbled across this while trying to find some good video of the Men’s 100m final. Moments after his win in that race, Usain Bolt was being interviewed by Spanish TV station Teledeporte. During the interview the medal ceremony was taking place for the Women’s 400m (won by American Sanya Richards-Ross). Bolt heard the National Anthem being played, stopped the interview, stood in silence until it was over, and then continued where he left off. (I can’t tell exactly what’s being said, since my Spanish learning started and ended with an 11th-grade class taught by a crazy woman)

For a guy who is seen as somewhat arrogant and is quite the showman, it was cool to see him to show that level of respect immediately after running the 2nd-fastest 100m of all time. I’m a fan now more than ever. Video below:

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