From the Bowels of YouTube: Best of Inside the NBA


If you’re like me, you’ve certainly experienced a “YouTube loop” – that is to say, a time when you find yourself on YouTube for much longer than you’d planned, having clicked on video after video, and wondering, “How did I get here?”. This is our segment where we share some of our favorite sports highlights that you may not have seen (or haven’t in a very long time).

Bringing back FTBOYT now that football season’s over. These clips are amazing, so watch them all; you won’t regret it:

Best of Inside the NBA

I came across these clips a few days ago while doing some research for a new site we’re working on. I’ve become a huge fan of Inside the NBA, with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith & Ernie Johnson in the last few years. This series of videos is from a “Best of Inside the NBA” special that aired during last year’s All-Star Weekend that chronicled the best moments from the show, dating back to its beginning in the early 2000s. I’ve embedded a playlist with all 7 parts here. It’s long, but worth a watch:

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