CM’s Quick Hits: Tuesday, July 7

Editor’s Note: I said we would be doing CM’s Quick Hits every Monday, but I totally lost track of what day it was yesterday. My apologies. We’ll get back on schedule next week. Again, be sure to check out CM’s blog “Our Same Difference“.
  1. If you weren’t cheering for Andy Roddick Sunday during his epic final against Federer, you are not American. Him winning would have been as big as Chestnut bringing the binge eating title back to America one more time, and on forth of July weekend no less. USA USA USA.
  2. The Lakers pulled a fast one on the league this week. Watch the Ron Artest to the Lakers deal to lead to 70 win season, just like the Worm Rodman experiment in Chicago. In addition to making their team exponentially better with Artest, and Bowen being traded to the Bucks, do any contending teams have someone to stop Kobe?
  3. Celtics picked up Sheed, going for the same lightning in a bottle scenario that the lakers are trying. This will blow up in their face. Sorry Boston. Better luck next year.
  4. All Major League Baseball teams wore red hats this weekend. They looked stupid as hell, and the only one who can pull off a red baseball hat is Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit fame.
  5. Air McNair was shot a killed this past weekend and he was one of the true greats. On and off the field, he was one of the true role models in sports. Their aren’t enough players like McNair. You will be missed. Rest in Peace.
  6. The Cubs were sold today and proved my mom wrong, because they selling only hopes and dreams. How much would you pay for the there’s-always-next-year Cubs?
  7. Manny hit a homer on the 4th of July, shouldn’t have surprised you because nothing is more American then a Dominican guy on steroids hitting a home run.
  8. How come when America votes for the MLB All-star team they always, for the most part, get it right and when they vote for American Idol, they get it so wrong? Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert and Alex Rodriguez are patiently waiting for your answers.
  9. Bobby Lashley beat Bob Sapp, this weekend. A pro-wrestler fighting a MMA side show is the new MMA. The line between pro-wrestling and MMA is getting thinner and thinner, and I am loving it more and more. They should have Good Ole’ JR, Jim Ross do commentary with Joe Rogan.
  10. Why isn’t Rubio a Knick yet? Did Minnesota lose their phone charger, or not check their email, were they on vacation in the Caribbean without Internet? Get on the phone, make a deal, and send him to New York where he belongs.

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