ESPN Erasing All Remnants of Trent Dilfer’s Stupidity


If you watch ESPN with any sort of regularity during football season, you’re familiar with their practice of hiring washed-up jocks to be “analysts” on their many television shows. One of these such jackasses is Trent Dilfer. Last week, he declared the Dallas Cowboys “the best team in football without a doubt right now,” that their defense was “dominating”, and that Tony Romo was a guy that, “doesn’t throw picks, doesn’t fumble the ball.”

After the Minnesota Vikings 34-3 beatdown of the Cowboys, one of the videos featuring Dilfer raving about “America’s Team” on is nowhere to be found. What remains are blog posts with a missing video embedded like so (links: here, here, and here):

But, as things so often do these days, the video lives in YouTube form. This is almost comical. Merril Hoge can’t believe what he’s hearing, and Dilfer refuses to back down. It’s a shame that ESPN feels like they have to cover the tracks for bad analysis. I’m not going to try to make it out to be some sort of conspiracy, but it seems sort of unethical. He was wrong. We all know it. Don’t try to cover it up. (Also, love this comment on the video by nadrojchingy: “Trent, I would say stick to your day job but i hear you sucked at that too. Last time I saw you play you threw a pick six to Kevin Williams. What a douche”.)

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7 thoughts on “ESPN Erasing All Remnants of Trent Dilfer’s Stupidity

  1. His job is to analyze and predict outcomes of football games. In this line of work, you're bound to be wrong, and any reasonable person can accept that going in…but most of the guys these networks hire are either told to just be absolute pricks about it, or the dickish attitude is seen as an employment qualification.

    Still, I had no idea networks would take Chinese government-style lengths to cover up an “absolute lock of the week” that turned out to be a beatdown the other way.

  2. His job is to provide analysis. But the issue is that he was adamant that the Cowboys were the best team in the NFL and wasn't open to even entertaining the possibility that any other team should be considered as good. In the end, Hodge didn't have to convince him. That absolute beatdown did it for him!

  3. dude seriously get a life people are wrong sometimes dont be upset because your life sucks and you girl polished my knob

  4. Looks your girlfriend polishes Dilfer’s over-sized head. He’s a dick that will go with the hot team of the week, like his ever-favorite Ravens (wider why?). That’ his AFC “pick” for the S.B. Big laughs when Pats shred them again. Career journeyman, who lucked into a ring.

  5. What a scrotumless, spineless, whiner. No wonder he sucked at football, he has no heart and no balls.  Mr. Tebow shoved it right up his ass along with nearly ebery ESPN psycho-analyst and all they can do is make excuses for the Steelers not being at 100%. What happened to you guys? You are still guys, aren’t you?

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