Kobe Doin’ Work Running Diary


Spike Lee’s new documentary “Kobe Doin’ Work”, premiered tonight on ESPN. If you missed it, they’ll be replaying it at least 5 times in the next week. I had to DVR it and was going to tweet my way through it, but I know its annoying when one person’s constant twittering consumes your feed, so I wrote them down here as I watched. Its Simmons-esque, except shorter and with links.

0:00 – Spike Lee stands on the Lakers’ court and tells us some background info. Basically, they filmed Kobe for about 3 hours, and thats it. I was hoping it was more of a day in the life of Kobe. This could be boring.

0:03 – Kobe and company run out on the court. I’m disappointed by the lack of pregame hijinks a la Lebron and Shaq.

0:05 – The camera on the ceiling is cool. They should utilize this more often during games for highlights and such.

0:07 Notice Kobe is quick to complement the other team. Yeah, San Antonio is good, but he’d be doing the same thing if they were playing the Clippers. This is a strategy used by athletes and coaches for years. By publicly building up the other team, . Remember this the next time you watch an NFL press conference.

0:08 – Cute piano music Spike.

0:12 – Kobe gets hit in the face, but no foul is called. Play continues. If you’ve been watching him this year in the playoffs, you’re wondering how they seamlessly edited out the part where he whines at the refs and gets T’d up.

0:17 – I just realized I have no idea what the score is. I don’t know how people watched sports on TV before the constant bottom-right scoreboard.

0:21 – Kobe takes a shot and talks a little trash before it goes in: “Gotcha.” If he misses this shot, I guarantee this gets cut out. Wouldn’t want to make the Black Mamba look bad, would we?

0:23 – Vujacic sighting. Have I mentioned he looks like Luis Scola?

0:31 – Lakers score, nothing special, again proving that anything can look awesome in slow motion.

0:33 – Caught a glimpse of Luke Walton’s tattoo. I need the backstory on this. Also, who took the time to make this guy his own  desktop wallpaper?

0:43 – At this point, I’m really beginning to be annoyed by the piano music. Why not throw in the NBA’s favorite song that we’re we’re all sick of?

0:59 – Does anyone know the origins of the phrase “he’s feeling it”? What exactly is he feeling?

1:09 – 1:13 – Kobe and Vujacic are speaking in tongues. Its like watching The Passion of the Christ without subtitles.

1:19 – Lakers win the game, 106-85. I did a little legwork and tracked down the boxscore, for those interested.

1:23 – Kobe and the family drive off in the Range Rover. The End.

After sitting through Kobe Doin’ Work, I’m left with more questions than answers. I’m questioning the objectivity of what I’ve just seen. He seems too perfect. A good teammate. Intellegent. Tallented. Hardworking. You’ve got to respect the guy, but it can’t be so glamorous all the time, can it?

Alex Chalupka - Originally from the Baltimore-Washington area, Alex is a huge Baltimore Ravens and Maryland Terrapins fan who currently resides in Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s also an Orioles fan and follows the NBA and other sports as objectively as possible. He enjoys writing about all sports and is the founder/editor of theSportsGeeks.com. - Follow him on Twitter here - Visit his personal website

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