Mark Cuban (@mcuban) Blasts Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33) on Twitter


Twitter fight!

Mark Cuban (@mcuban) Blasts Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33)

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ESPN’s Bill Simmons commented on Friday on a couple of the Mavericks’ recent signings:
Put it this way: I wasn’t crazy about Elton Brand and Chris Kaman playing together in 2006 when they were still good.Bill Simmons
Outspoken Mavs owner responded tonight (though with typos):
@sportsguy33. They next smart personnel comment you mae will be your firstMark Cuban
Cuban even went as far as to respond to a random tweet about being involved with a “championship team”:
@mcuban @sportsguy33 Well to be fair, Simmons also didn’t let an entire championship team minus the superstar walk away for nothing.Mufasa-7000
@CmackChase @sportsguy33 possibly because he has never had any involvement with a championship team.Mark Cuban
Even infamous Cavs owner Dan Gilbert retweeted:
RT: "@mcuban: @sportsguy33. The next smart personnel comment you make will be your first"Dan Gilbert
UPDATE: Monday morning, Simmons responds:
@mcuban I loved your Tyson Chandler trade, and I thought it was dumb when you let him leave. There’s two.Bill Simmons
@sportsguy33. Two what ? Is "thought it was dumb" your definitlve logic for making personnel decisions ?Mark Cuban
After Round 2, Chris Kaman (one of the subjects of Simmons’ original tweet) got in on the action:
Put it this way: I wasn’t crazy about Bill Simmons in 2006 and still not crazy about BS in 2012. #DoucheChris Kaman

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