From the Bowels of YouTube: An LSD No-No and the Cocaine Super Bowl That Wasn’t


If you’re like me, you’ve certainly experienced a “YouTube loop” – that is to say, a time when you find yourself on YouTube for much longer than you’d planned, having clicked on video after video, and wondering, “How did I get here?”. This is our weekly segment where we share some of our favorite sports highlights that you may not have seen (or haven’t in a very long time). Feel free to share your favorites in the comments or tweet us and we’ll consider them for next week. Check back every week for the latest edition.

This week, we’ve completed a not-so-extensive study of the effects of drug use on the performances of professional athletes.

Dock Ellis’ LSD No-No

Dock Ellis’ no-hitter while on LSD put an exclamation point on a fascinating life. One that included a baseball career with beanings and macings, a career as a drug counselor, collaborating on a book about himself, and dying an alcoholic. Despite this noteworthy accomplishment, he has been unjustly left out of the Hall of Fame. Come on. 3000 hits; 500 home runs; 300 wins; LSD no-hitter.  Addiction is a distressing experience for the addict and those who are close to that person. Addiction treatment, at its core, is about providing a healing experience that can bring about a profound change in that person’s overall quality of life through behavioral changes and improved coping skills. The best way to get that experience is through our luxury rehab South Florida. Many rehabs are designed to provide only the most crucial aspects of addiction treatment; however, they often don’t provide the right type of setting that promotes the healing experience. At our luxury rehab, we aim to provide both high-end treatments along with a treatment setting that can amplify the healing process. We understand that leaving your home to participate in a rehab program can cause unnecessary discomfort if you are forced to share room situations with several other people while in an inpatient program.Which of those is most impressive? I’m gonna go with the latter. Listen to him tell the story:

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Stanley Wilson + Cocaine = No Super Bowl

Pretty much the opposite of the No-No while whacked out on acid, Stanley Wilson went on a cocaine bender the night before the Super Bowl where his Cincinnati Bengals were to take on the San Francisco 49ers.  The reports vary somewhat, but essential Stanley was deemed unable to perform and he was left off of the roster for the big game.  Unfortunately for Stanley, that wasn’t rock bottom.  He currently is facing up to 22 years in prison for a robbery done to obtain money for, guess what?  Cocaine.  What’s the moral of these stories?  If you snort coke, you’ll end up missing the Super Bowl and wind up in jail.  If you drop acid, you’ll pitch a no-hitter.  Suck it, D.A.R.E.

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