Who Should I Root For in the Super Bowl?!


One day, Congress will recognize that The Super Bowl is a national holiday. Here at The Sports Geeks, we know you’ll be celebrating. But every year, fans face a dilemma.

Who should I be rooting for?

In any given year, most fans’ teams are out golfing by the time the Super Bowl rolls around. And for some fans, it’s OK to watch a game with no rooting interest. They can just appreciate the entertainment of a well-played game. And expensive commercials.

But what about the fans who need a little us vs. them to really get into the game?

Well, I’m here to help you find yourself. Because the Super Bowl, like any other holiday, is a time for introspection, self-reflection, and discovery.

Stephen R Maloney, www.iseehue.com


This game’s spread spans less than a touchdown, but initially, people have talked as if the Saints had absolutely no chance. This seems to have created a counter-reaction of Saints picks.

Clearly, then the Gambler should go with the Colts.

They’re the favorites, but the spread is small, there’s action on the Saints, and think about it:

Do you really want to be thinking about losing money as Peyton Manning marches up and down the field tomorrow? Wouldn’t it be more peaceful to enjoy the magnificience?

For your sake and your wallet’s sake, don’t get cute. Stick with the Colts.


Swancreek Andalusians, www.swancreekandalusians.ca

K.C. ALFRED/Union-Tribune, www.signonsandiego.com

Now you might say to yourself, “Well, obviously colts will root for the Colts!” But you would be wrong. So wrong.

Look at this beautiful colt. Now look at the second Colt:

The blue Colt is being dragged to the ground by lightening. The colt on the left gently trots along, free from worries and tacklers. The blue colt is running wearily on a rubberized surface. The colt on the left roams freely among endless pastures.

Clearly Colts are rooting for the Saints.


Pretty similar process to the Colts above. What Christian could ever cheer an organization that forces the saints into gladatorial combat? Christians are rooting for the Colts.


Let’s face it, there was lots to whine about during the Vikings-Saints game last week:

1. The overtime rules are horrible. “Defense is a part of the game” is a dumb defense–why don’t coaches choose to kick, then? “The college rule is dumb” is also a dumb defense. Just let play continue but with three very simple rules. A. Each team must somehow possess the ball once. B. The game may not end in a tie. C. The game ends when any possession ends and both rule A and rule B have been satisfied.

2. The Saints played dirty and got away with it. That hit on Brett Favre’s knee was a TEXTBOOK case of the Tom Brady Rule, but the Saints had committed so many roughing the passer penalties at that point the referee basically was too scared to call another.

3. Not only did the game end with a dissatisfying single-possession-field-goal-overtime, the “drive” was only a few first downs and practically all of them involved shady calls: A pass interference that showed up on no camera angle, A questionable 4th and 1 spot, a catch that looked a lot like it hit the ground. I felt like I had just watched an NBA game after that officiating performance.

Clearly, whiners have no choice but to root against the Saints, and therefore for the Colts.


visualrian.com, whose website would not load when I tried to find who took the picture

If you love the BCS, then you care about strength of schedule and how you look in front of the judges. I mean voters. So you should root for the Super Bowl team in your conference. That way your own team’s SOS looks better in the year-end rankings. Anyways, if you like the BCS, then you’re not watching the Super Bowl. You’re waiting for the Winter Olympics, because they have sports that are scored similarly to the way the BCS voting works… like figure skating.

So there you have it, Super Bowl fans. Please let me know if you’re from a group I’ve left out and would like help deciding who to root for.

Matt Rogers - Bio coming soon.

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  1. like Pat did on an earlier post, I must credit Peter King for the basis of my overtime rules, although I've added my little twist/clarification.

  2. I was a bit torn also. Surrounded by insufferable Colts fans, I figured a loss would bring them back to reality. However, as I watched it actually happen, I felt just awful for Peyton Manning, yet elated for Drew Brees. Once this city is done hanging itself, maybe the picture will become a bit more clear.

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