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UPDATE: Looks like it will be a week or so until we can get the other account back and we can’t stand to be away from it any longer, so we created another account to use on a temporary basis:

Apparently we’re under a spam investigation or something of that nature, although surely those of you that have followed us know that’s not the case (if you don’t believe me, send us an @reply, I promise to respond). We’ll use this new account to push out the same type of updates/links that we’ve done all along, and then phase it out when @thesportsgeeks is back in action. Thanks for sticking with us. See you on Twitter.


Hey everyone,

First of all, thanks everyone for your continued support of The Sports Geeks. Most of you probably get site updates from our twitter account ( Strangely, this morning, our account was (hopefully temporarily) suspended. I’m trying to get this resolved ASAP, so hopefully things will be back to normal in a few days. We’ve enjoyed communicating with all of you via Twitter and hope to get that back sooner rather than later.

Until then you can subscribe to the RSS feed (that orange button up there on the right), or follow the individual writers to keep track of things.

Again, we appreciate you stopping by and hope to see you on Twitter again shortly.

– Alex

Alex Chalupka - Originally from the Baltimore-Washington area, Alex is a huge Baltimore Ravens and Maryland Terrapins fan who currently resides in Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s also an Orioles fan and follows the NBA and other sports as objectively as possible. He enjoys writing about all sports and is the founder/editor of - Follow him on Twitter here - Visit his personal website

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